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Siemens / Voltage jump detection _ Setting & highlights _ SI5069

Table of Contents


The “Voltage jump detection” function recognizes jumps in the phase or zero-sequence voltage (ΔV), and generates an indication when the measurands change by more than a configured threshold value from one system cycle to the next.

For more detailed information on “Voltage jump detection” function, refer to SIPROTEC 5 devices, V8.30 & higher manuals.

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Structure/Embedding of the Function

Structure/Embedding of the Voltage jump detection Function

Setting Parameters

Setting parameters for Voltage jump detection

Addr. Parameter C Setting Options Default Setting
V-jump det. #
_:1 V-jump det. #:Mode   off
_:9 V-jump det. #:Measured value   phase-to-ground
zero-sequence voltage
_:101 V-jump det. #:Threshold   0.300 V to 340.000 V 5.000 V
_:101 V-jump det. #:Threshold   0.300 V to 340.000 V 5.000 V
_:102 V-jump det. #:Minimum pulse length   0.01 s to 60.00 s 0.10 s

Logic Diagrams & highlights

Voltage Jump Detection Logic

Voltage Jump Detection Logic

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