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GE / Stub bus _ Element settings & highlights _ GU8030

Table of Contents


The “Stub bus” element protects for faults between two breakers in a breaker-and-a-half or ring bus configuration when the line disconnect switch is open. At the same time, if the line is still energized through the remote terminal(s), differential protection is still required (the line can still need to be energized because there is a tapped load on a two-terminal line or because the line is a three-terminal line with two of the terminals still connected).

For more detailed information on “Stub bus” element, refer to GE, Universal Relay (UR) family of products, Version 8.0x manuals.

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Setting Parameters

Modbus memory map for Setting parameters

Products Hex address Register name Range Units Step Format Default
L30, L90 3D26 Stub Bus Function 0 to 1 1 F102 0 (Disabled)
" 3D27 Stub Bus Disconnect 0 to 4294967295 1 F300 0
" 3D29 Stub Bus Trigger 0 to 4294967295 1 F300 0
" 3D2B Stub Bus Target 0 to 2 1 F109 0 (Self-reset)
" 3D2C Stub Bus Events 0 to 1 1 F102 0 (Disabled)
F102 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
F109 0 = Self-reset, 1 = Latched, 2 = Disabled

Logics & highlights

Stub bus logic

Stub bus logic

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