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Siemens / Reyrolle Family – Supported Protection Relays

Table of Contents


The comprehensive range of Reyrolle products provides the total protection requirements of distribution markets and industrial applications – ranging from overcurrent protection via transformer protection and voltage control to a full spectrum of auxiliary and trip relays. The portfolio includes many famous products such as “Argus, “Duobias”, “Solkor”, “Rho”, etc.

Transformer Differential Protection

Reyrolle 7SR242 Duobias, Transformer Protection _ SR7102

Overcurrent & Feeder Protection

Reyrolle 7SR45 Argus, Non-Directional Overcurrent Protection _ SR7101

Reyrolle 7SR110 & 7SR210 Argus, Overcurrent Protection _ SR7103

Reyrolle 7SR210 & 7SR220 Argus, Overcurrent Protection _ SR7104

Reyrolle 7SR10 Argus, Overcurrent Protection _ SR7105

Line Differential Protection

Reyrolle 7SR18 Solkor, Line Differential Protection _ SR7106

Motor & Generator Protection

Reyrolle 7SR17 Rho, Motor Protection

Reyrolle 7SR105 Rho, Motor Protection

Capacitor Bank Protection

Reyrolle 7SR191 Capa, Capacitor Bank Protection

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