Relion 670 Series – Supported functions


ABB Relion® 670 series IEDs belong to the Relion protection and control product family. This family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement, and supervision of power systems. For more detailed information on each function, refer to ABB, Relion 670 Series manuals.

Analog Inputs

Analog inputs _ AB2142

Differential protection functions

Transformer differential protection (T2WPDIF and T3WPDIF) _ AB2119

High impedance differential protection, single phase (IEC HZPDIF, ANSI 87) _ AB2011

Generator differential protection (GENPDIF) _ AB2122

Line differential protection (L4CPDIF) _ AB2123

Line differential protection, 3 or 6 CT sets, with in-zone transformers (LT3CPDIF , LT6CPDIF) _ AB2124

Low impedance restricted earth fault protection (REFPDIF) _ AB2120

Additional security logic for differential protection (IEC LDRGFC, ANSI 11REL) _ AB2012

Self adaptive differential protection for two-winding power transformers (PSTPDIF) _ AB2121

Impedance protection functions

Distance measuring zones, quadrilateral characteristic (ZMQPDIS, ZMQAPDIS, ZDRDIRPhase selection, quad, fixed angle, load encroachment (FDPSPDIS) _ AB2014

Distance measuring zone, quadrilateral characteristic for series compensated lines (ZMCPDIS, ZMCAPDIS, ZDSRDIR) _ AB2016

Full-scheme distance measuring, Mho characteristic (ZMHPDIS) _ AB2017

Full-scheme distance protection, quadrilateral for earth faults (ZMMPDIS, ZMMAPDIS) _ AB2018

Directional impedance element for mho characteristic and additional distance protection directional function for earth faults (ZDMRDIR, ZDARDIR) _ AB2019

Mho impedance supervision logic (ZSMGAPC) _ AB2020

Faulty phase identification with load encroachment (FMPSPDIS) _ AB2021

Distance protection zone, quadrilateral characteristic, separate settings (ZMRPDIS, ZMRAPDIS and ZDRDIR) _ AB2022

Phase selection, quadrilateral characteristic with settable angle (FRPSPDIS) _ AB2023

High speed distance protection (ZMFPDIS) _ AB2024

High speed distance protection for series compensated lines (ZMFCPDIS) _ AB2025

Power swing detection (ZMRPSB) _ AB2026

Automatic switch onto fault logic (ZCVPSOF) _ AB2027

Power swing logic (PSLPSCH) _ AB2028

Pole slip protection (PSPPPAM) _ AB2029

Out-of-step protection (OOSPPAM) _ AB2030

Phase preference logic (PPLPHIZ) _ AB2031

Phase preference logic (PPL2PHIZ) _ AB2032

Under impedance protection for generators and transformers (ZGVPDIS) _ AB2125

100% stator earth fault protection, injection based (STTIPHIZ) _ AB2126

Current protection functions

Instantaneous phase overcurrent protection (PHPIOC) _ AB2034

Directional phase overcurrent protection, four steps (OC4PTOC) _ AB2035

Instantaneous residual overcurrent protection (EFPIOC) _ AB2036

Directional residual overcurrent protection, four steps (EF4PTOC) _ AB2037

Four step directional negative phase sequence overcurrent protection (NS4PTOC) _ AB2038

Sensitive directional residual overcurrent and power protection (SDEPSDE) _ AB2039

Thermal overload protection, one time constant, Celsius/Fahrenheit (LCPTTR/LFPTTR) _ AB2040

Thermal overload protection, two time constants (TRPTTR) _ AB2127

Breaker failure protection (CCRBRF) _ AB2041

Stub protection (STBPTOC) _ AB2042

Pole discordance protection (CCPDSC) _ AB2043

Directional underpower protection (GUPPDUP) _ AB2044

Directional overpower protection (GOPPDOP) _ AB2045

Broken conductor check (BRCPTOC) _ AB2046

Voltage-restrained time overcurrent protection (VRPVOC) _ AB2047

Capacitor bank protection (CBPGAPC) _ AB2128

Negativ sequence time overcurrent protection for machines (NS2PTOC) _ AB2129

Average power transient earth fault protection (APPTEF) _ AB2130

Accidental energizing protection for synchronous generator (AEGPVOC) _ AB2131

Generator stator overload protection (GSPTTR) _ AB2132

Generator rotor overload protection (GRPTTR) _ AB2133

Voltage protection functions

Two step undervoltage protection (UV2PTUV) _ AB2049

Two step overvoltage protection (OV2PTOV) _ AB2050

Two step residual overvoltage protection (ROV2PTOV) _ AB2051

Overexcitation protection (OEXPVPH) _ AB2052

Voltage differential protection (VDCPTOV) _ AB2053

Loss of voltage check (LOVPTUV) _ AB2054

Radial feeder protection (PAPGAPC) _ AB2055

100% Stator earth fault protection, 3rd harmonic based (STEFPHIZ) _ AB2139

Unbalance protection functions

Shunt capacitor cascading failure protection (SCCFPVOC) _ AB2135

Current unbalance protection of SCB (SCUCPTOC) _ AB2136

Phase voltage differential based capacitor bank unbalanced protection (SCPDPTOV) _ AB2137

Voltage unbalance protection of shunt capacitor bank (SCUVPTOV) _ AB2138

Frequency protection functions

Underfrequency protection (SAPTUF) _ AB2057

Overfrequency protection (SAPTOF) _ AB2058

Rate-of-change of frequency protection (SAPFRC) _ AB2059

Frequency time accumulation protection (FTAQFVR) _ AB2140

Multipurpose protection functions

General current and voltage protection (CVGAPC) _ AB2061

System protection and control functions

Multipurpose filter (SMAIHPAC) _ AB2063

Secondary system supervision functions

Current circuit supervision (CCSSPVC) _ AB2065

Fuse failure supervision (FUFSPVC) _ AB2066

Fuse failure supervision (VDSPVC) _ AB2067

Voltage based delta supervision (DELVSPVC) _ AB2068

Current based delta supervision (DELISPVC) _ AB2069

Delta supervision of real input (DELSPVC) _ AB2070

Control functions

Synchrocheck, energizing check, and synchronizing (SESRSYN) _ AB2072

Autorecloser for 1 phase, 2 phase and/or 3 phase operation (SMBRREC) _ AB2073

Interlocking _ AB2074

Logical node for interlocking (SCILO) _ AB2075

Interlocking for busbar earthing switch (BB_ES) _ AB2076

Interlocking for bus-section breaker (A1A2_BS) _ AB2077

Interlocking for bus-section disconnector (A1A2_DC) _ AB2078

Interlocking for bus-coupler bay (ABC_BC) _ AB2079

Interlocking for 1 1/2 (CB BH) _ AB2080

Interlocking for double CB bay (DB) _ AB2081

Interlocking for line bay (ABC_LINE) _ AB2082

Interlocking for transformer bay (AB_TRAFO) _ AB2083

Position evaluation (POS_EVAL) _ AB2084

Scheme communication functions

Scheme communication logic for distance or overcurrent protection (ZCPSCH) _ AB2101

Phase segregated scheme communication logic for distance protection (ZC1PPSCH) _ AB2102

Current reversal and Weak-end infeed logic for distance protection 3-phase (ZCRWPSCH) _ AB2103

Current reversal and weak-end infeed logic for phase segregated communication (ZC1WPSCH) _ AB2104

Local acceleration logic (ZCLCPSCH) _ AB2105

Scheme communication logic for residual overcurrent protection (ECPSCH) _ AB2106

Current reversal and weak-end infeed logic for residual overcurrent protection (ECRWPSCH) _ AB2107

Monitoring functions

Event function (EVENT) _ AB2153

Disturbance report (DRPRDRE) _ AB2154

Fault locator (LMBRFLO) _ AB2155

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