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ABB / Carrier receive logic (LCCRPTRC) for DTT _ Setting & highlights _ AB2112

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In Direct transfer trip (DTT) scheme, the received CR signal gives the trip to the circuit breaker after checking certain local criteria functions in order to increase the security of the overall tripping functionality. The “Carrier receive logic” function gives final trip output of the DTT scheme.

For more detailed information on “Carrier receive logic” function, refer to ABB, Relion 670 Series manuals.

To see other supported functions, click here.

Function Identification

Function description IEC 61850
IEC 60617
device number
Carrier receive logic LCCRPTRC 94

Signals & Setting Parameters

LCCRPTRC function block

LCCRPTRC function block

LCCRPTRC Input signals

LCCRPTRC Input signals
Name Type Default Description
BLOCK BOOLEAN 0 Block of function
LOCTR BOOLEAN 0 Local common trip signal coming from DTT
LOCTRL1 BOOLEAN 0 Local trip signal for phase 1 coming from DTT
LOCTRL2 BOOLEAN 0 Local trip signal for phase 2 coming from DTT
LOCTRL3 BOOLEAN 0 Local trip signal for phase 3 coming from DTT
CHERR1 BOOLEAN 0 Channel error indication flag for carrier receive 1
CHERR2 BOOLEAN 0 Channel error indication flag for carrier receive 2
CR1 BOOLEAN 0 Carrier receive 1
CR2 BOOLEAN 0 Carrier receive 2

LCCRPTRC Output signals

LCCRPTRC Output signals
Name Type Description
TRIP BOOLEAN Common trip
TRL1 BOOLEAN Trip phase 1
TRL2 BOOLEAN Trip phase 2
TRL3 BOOLEAN Trip phase 3

LCCRPTRC Group settings (basic)

LCCRPTRC Group settings (basic)
Name Values (Range) Unit Step Default Description
Operation Off
Off Operation Off/On
ChMode 2 Out Of 2
1 Out Of 2
2 Out Of 2 Setting to select 1/2 or 2/2 mode
tOperate 0.000 – 60.000 s 0.001 0.100 Time delay to operate

Technical Data

LCCRPTRC technical data

LCCRPTRC technical data

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