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GE / Accidental energization (ANSI 50/27) _ Element settings & highlights _ GU8010

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The “Accidental energization” element provides protection against energization while the generator is at standstill or reduced speed.

For more detailed information on “Accidental energization” element, refer to GE, Universal Relay (UR) family of products, Version 8.0x manuals.

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Setting Parameters

Modbus memory map for Setting parameters

Products Hex address Register name Range Units Step Format Default
G30, G60 4111 Accidental Energization Function 0 to 1 1 F102 0 (Disabled)
" 4112 Accidental Energization Source 0 to 5 1 F167 0 (SRC 1)
" 4113 Accidental Energization Arming Mode 0 to 1 1 F193 0 (UV AND OFFLINE)
" 4114 Accidental Energization OC Pickup 0.02 to 3 pu 0.001 F003 300
" 4116 Accidental Energization UV Pickup 0.004 to 3 pu 0.001 F003 500
" 4118 Accidental Energization Offline 0 to 4294967295 1 F300 0
" 411A Accidental Energization Block 0 to 4294967295 1 F300 0
" 411C Accidental Energization Target 0 to 2 1 F109 0 (Self-reset)
" 411D Accidental Energization Events 0 to 1 1 F102 0 (Disabled)
" 411E Reserved (5 items) 0 to 65535 1 F001 0
F102 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
F109 0 = Self-reset, 1 = Latched, 2 = Disabled
F167 0 = SRC 1, 1 = SRC 2, 2 = SRC 3, 3 = SRC 4, 4 = SRC 5, 5 = SRC 6
F300 0 : Off (This is boolean FALSE value), 1 : On (This is boolean TRUE value)

Logics & highlights

Accidental energization logic

Accidental energization logic

Definition of Setting Parameters

ACCDNT ENRG ARMING MODE — This setting specifies whether the feature gets armed by either of the undervoltage or machine offline conditions (“UV or Offline” value), or by both the conditions (“UV and Offline” value). In both cases, the element is armed after five seconds of the appropriate condition and de-armed 250 ms after the arming condition (UV and/or Offline) ceases.
Select “UV or Offline” when the VTs are on the power system side of the disconnecting device. If this is the case, the measured voltages can be normal regardless of the status of the protected machine, thus the need for an OR condition.
The “UV or Offline” value provides protection against poor synchronization. During normal synchronization, there should be relatively low current measured. If however, synchronization is attempted when conditions are not appropriate, a large current is measured shortly after closing the breaker. Since this feature does not de-arm immediately, but after a 250 ms time delay, this results in operation under imprecise synchronization. The ACCDNT ENRG OC PICKUP setting can control the required precision of synchronization.
Select the “UV and Offline” value when the VTs are on the generator side of the disconnecting device. If this is the case, both the undervoltage and machine offline conditions are required to indicate that the protected generator is not energized.
ACCDNT ENRG OC PICKUP — This setting specifies the current level required to operate the armed Accidental Energization element. If any of the phase current is above the ACCDNT ENRG OC PICKUP level, the feature operates.
ACCDNT ENRG UV PICKUP — This setting specifies the voltage level required to arm the Accidental Energization element. All of the line-to-line voltages must drop below the ACCDNT ENRG UV PICKUP level in order to detect the undervoltage condition.
The setting is entered in voltage pu values. As the element always responds to the line-to-line voltages, care must be applied in picking up the value depending on the VT connection.
ACCDNT ENRG OFFLINE — This setting specifies the FlexLogic operand indicating that the protected generator is offline.

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