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ABB / Direct transfer trip logic _ AB2108

Table of Contents


The “Direct transfer trip (DTT) logic” is used together with Line distance protection function or other type of line protection. One typical example for use of transfer trip is given below.

Direct transfer trip

For more detailed information on “Direct transfer trip (DTT) logic”, refer to ABB, Relion 670 Series manuals.

To see other supported functions, click here.

DTT logic can be handled in the following separate application functions:

  1. Low active power and power factor protection LAPPGAPC
  2. Sudden change in current variation SCCVPTOC
  3. Compensated over and undervoltage protection COUVGAPC
  4. Carrier receive logic LCCRPTRC
  5. Zero sequence overvoltage protection LCZSPTOV
  6. Negative sequence overvoltage protection LCNSPTOV
  7. Zero sequence overcurrent protection LCZSPTOC
  8. Negative sequence overcurrent protection LCNSPTOC
  9. Three-phase overcurrent LCP3PTOC
  10. Three-phase undercurrent LCP3PTUC

DTT scheme

Direct transfer trip scheme

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