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ABB / Voltage based delta supervision DELVSPVC _ Setting & highlights _ AB2068

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The Delta supervision function is used to quickly detect (sudden) changes in the network. This can, for example, be used to detect faults in the power system networks and islanding in grid networks. “Voltage based delta supervision (DELVSPVC)” function is needed at the grid interconnection point.

For more detailed information on “Voltage based delta supervision (DELVSPVC)” function, refer to ABB, Relion 670 Series manuals.

To see other supported functions, click here.

Function Identification

Function description IEC 61850
IEC 60617
device number
Voltage based delta supervision DELVSPVC

Signals & Setting Parameters

DELVSPVC function block

DELVSPVC Input signals

DELVSPVC Input signals
Name Type Default Description
U3P GROUP SIGNAL Group signal for voltage input
BLOCK BOOLEAN 0 Block of function

DELVSPVC Output signals

DELVSPVC Output signals
Name Type Description
START BOOLEAN General start of function
STRISE BOOLEAN Common rise signal when input has increased
STRISEL1 BOOLEAN L1/L12 delta value increased
STRISEL2 BOOLEAN L2/L23 delta value increased
STRISEL3 BOOLEAN L3/L31 delta value increased
STLOW BOOLEAN Common low signal when input has decreased
STLOWL1 BOOLEAN L1/L12 delta value decreased
STLOWL2 BOOLEAN L2/L23 delta value decreased
STLOWL3 BOOLEAN L3/L31 delta value decreased
DELMAGL1 REAL Delta magnitude of L1 / L12
DELMAGL2 REAL Delta magnitude of L2 / L23
DELMAGL3 REAL Delta magnitude of L3 / L31

DELVSPVC Non group settings (basic)

DELVSPVC Non group settings (basic)
Name Values (Range) Unit Step Default Description
GlobalBaseSel 1 – 12 1 1 Selection of one of the Global Base Value groups
OpMode Instantaneous 1 cycle
Instantaneous 2 cycle
DFT mag
DFT Angle (Vector shift)
DFT mag Operation mode
MeasMode Phase to phase
Phase to ground
Phase to ground Measurement type: Phase to ground / Phase to phase

DELVSPVC Group settings (basic)

DELVSPVC Group settings (basic)
Name Values (Range) Unit Step Default Description
Operation Off
Off Operation Off / On
UMin 1.0 – 50.0 %UB 0.1 5.0 Minimum start value of voltage for release of delta function
DeltaT 1 – 10 cycle 1 2 Number of old power cycles for delta calculation
DelU> 2.0 – 500.0 %UB 0.1 40.0 Magnitude start level for magnitude, RMS and sample based delta comparison
DelUAng> 2.0 – 40.0 Deg 1.0 8.0 Start level for angle based delta detection
tHold 0.10 – 60.00 s 0.01 0.10 Hold time for start signal

DELVSPVC Monitored data

DELVSPVC Monitored data
Name Type Values (Range) Unit Description
UL1 REAL kV RMS magnitude of L1 /L12
UL2 REAL kV RMS magnitude of L2 /L23
UL3 REAL kV RMS magnitude of L3 /L31

Logics & highlights

Simplified logic diagram for voltage based delta supervision DELVSPVC

Simplified logic diagram for sample based delta detection

Simplified logic diagram for RMS/DFT based delta detection

Angle shift

Simplified logic diagram for angle based delta detection

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